Mountain Preservation Associtation     

We are the Mountain Preservation Association.
Our mission is to preserve the natural and historical character
of East River Mountain, the Cove, Burkes Garden,
& the surrounding adjoining mountain ridges
of South Western Virginia.

      Breaking News Feb 2 2010    
    on the Ridgeline Protection Ordinance    
      THE VOTE  WAS  YES!    
    Stay tuned for MORE INFO...    
    Tazewell County has adopted a Tall Structure / Ridgeline Protection Ordinance that effectively stops plans by Dominion and British Petroleum to build a 60-turbine wind energy project along 7.5 miles of East River Mountain. The ordinance also protects other areas in the county, including the Cove, and the ridges surrounding Burkes Garden, a scenic high-elevation area bordered on three sides by National Forest, including designated and proposed wilderness.

The ordinance passed by a 3-2 vote following months of intense public debate and a public relations campaign by the would-be developers. According to the local newspaper, a spokesperson for Dominion responded to the vote, stating that: 

". . . the citizens have spoken, and we respect the vote."

The Citizens of Tazewell County, (and the surrounding communities) say thank you to the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, and the Mountain Preservation Association sends a heartfelt thanks to everyone who dared to get involved and make their voices heard.


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